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Sigma Market Watch

Closing Bell

20-11 02:58pm

The market ended the week in the green with the EGX30 Index rising 0.41% to record 9,258.18 points on a total turnover of EGP539Mn. The real estate sector led the market in terms of turnover recording EGP151.29Mn, representing 8.03% of total market’s activity. Amer Group (AMER), TMG Holding (TMGH) and Palm Hills (PHDC) achieved the highest turno ... More

Halfway Mark

20-11 12:39pm

The EGX30 Index is 0.70% up recording 9,284.65 points. Local and Arab institutions are net buyers at EGP19.58Mn and EGP1.16Mn respectively as opposed to foreign institutions that are net sellers at EGP7.10Mn. Meanwhile, Arab retail investors are net buyers at EGP14.72Mn while local and foreign retail investors are net sellers at EGP26.36Mn and EGP1 ... More

Market Warm-Up

20-11 09:06am

Egypt Welcomes Saudi call to mend ties with Qatar; CBE will raise maximum mortgage finance to EGP500k
Egypt welcomed a Saudi call on Wednesday to back an agreement among Gulf Arab states that ended an eight-month dispute over Qatar's support for the Muslim Brotherhoods. Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain agreed on ... More

News Watch

20/11 03:28 - ACGC Release From Arab Cotton Ginning (ACGC.CA) Concerning The Signing The Contract For The Sale Of Land ...

Company Name : Arab Cotton Ginning
ISIN Code : EGS32221C011
Reuters Code : ACGC.CA
Content :
Referring to what has been pu ...More...

20/11 03:24 - SDTI Release from Sharm Dreams Co. for Tourism Investment (SDTI.CA) concerning the covering percentage of ...

Company Name : Sharm Dreams Co. for Tourism Investment
ISIN Code : EGS70571C012
Reuters Code : SDTI.CA
Content :
Release from the ...More...

20/11 03:23 - ACGC Arab Cotton Ginning (ACGC.CA) Reports Year Ended 30/06/2014 Consolidated Results

Company Name : Arab Cotton Ginning
ISIN Code : EGS32221C011
Currency : EGP
F/S Consolidated Period : From 01/07/2013 To 30/06/20 ...More...

20/11 03:13 - AFMC Alexandria Flour Mills (AFMC.CA) AGM And EGM Minutes (Before Certification)

Company Name : Alexandria Flour Mills
ISIN Code : EGS30471C014
Reuters Code : AFMC.CA
Content :
AGM and EGM minutes before certif ...More...

20/11 03:12 - ALCN Alexandria Containers and goods (ALCN.CA) - Board Of Directors' Decision

Company Name : Alexandria Containers and goods
ISIN Code : EGS42111C012
Reuters Code : ALCN.CA
Content :
The board of directors d ...More...

20/11 03:11 - EPPK Release from El Ahram Co. For Printing And Packing (EPPK.CA) concerning the client / Saleh Abdul Azi ...

Company Name : El Ahram Co. For Printing And Packing
ISIN Code : EGS360A1C011
Reuters Code : EPPK.CA
Content :
Release concerning ...More...

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