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Market Warm-Up

21-10 09:06am

GoE to set conditions for importing gas from Israel; Ministry of Electricity receives three offers to set up coal power plants
The Ministry of Petroleum noted that the government may agree to import gas from Israel if that will mean dropping international arbitration cases against Egypt, getting governments approval before importin ... More

Closing Bell

20-10 03:13pm

The market rebounded backed by buying activities that occurred in todays session. The EGX30 index gained a sight 0.13% to record 8,534.89 points on a total turnover of EGP649Mn. Local and Arab institutions were net sellers at EGP26.79Mn and EGP14.34Mn respectively as opposed to foreign institutions that are net buyers at EGP13.37Mn. On the other ... More

Halfway Mark

20-10 12:24pm

The EGX30 Index is 0.60% down recording 8,472.62 points. Foreign institutions are buyers at EGP9.56Mn as opposed to local and Arab institutions that are net sellers at EGP13.55Mn and EGP11.26Mn respectively. Orascom Telecom Media And Technology Holding (OTMT) is continuing to lead the market in terms of turnover recording EGP30.82Mn, gaining 1.03% ... More

News Watch

21/10 10:37 - IRON Release from Egyptian Iron & Steel (IRON.CA) Concerning the Annual Disclosure Form

Company Name : Egyptian Iron & Steel
ISIN Code : EGS3D061C015
Reuters Code : IRON.CA
Content : Release from the company concerning the ...More...

21/10 12:00 - GTHE Global Telecom will direct proceeds from Telecel Globe to repay VimpleComs debt

The USD65Mn proceeds of the sale of all stocks of Telecel Globe Ltd, which owns 100% of U-com Burundi shares and Telecel Carr in Central African Repub ...More...

21/10 12:00 - Diversified stock portfolios subject to 25% tax

The head of the Tax Authority said that investors that do not have a diversified portfolio will be subject to 5% or 10% tax on dividends and 10% on ca ...More...

21/10 12:00 - Prime minister seeks implementing a Monorail

Prime Minister discussed with a number of ministers an offer for establishing "Monorail" for between Cairo and Six of October City with an estimated c ...More...

21/10 12:00 - 30 projects will be offered in the Egypts Economic conference

The Minister of Housing said that the ministry will promote 30 projects in new cities inside and outside Egypt as of November. Moreover, the winners ...More...

21/10 12:00 - Egypts banks rating is expected to improve

After releasing Moodys report about Egypt which raised its outlook for the economy from negative to stable, it is expected that Egyptian banks rating ...More...

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